Winter time.

This Time of year most A/C company’s slow down. Mine included and sometimes that’s welcomed as it allows us to catch our breath and adjust some practices.  Also this time of year We start getting flooded with people looking for work that were laid off.  I interview a few and what is disturbing to hear is the same story that I would like to share.    Most of them claim that they were under enormous stress to sell in fact One Large company calls there Service Engineers “Opportunity Techs” . This is so wrong, First and foremost A company should be able to survive winter without placing undo stress on there employees,   Employees are an asset to a company and not a Liability, That’s how I see it and is how I conduct my business. Hvac is a hard industry.  My company handles all kinds of accounts and from refrigeration, Residential Cooling to Industrial.  We do not slow down, Were lucky but Its also from years of Education.

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