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This past weekend I did two trade shows,    They take a lot of time away from the weekend but its a labor of love. I love to teach and educate and One of the benefits is I get to meet new people and talk about the experiences, They always turn into clients, But the sad part I also hear horror stories of what other contractors are doing out there.

First story was from a gentleman who was being coned into reo[placing and evaporator coil in his home,  The installing contractors technician claimed it was not under warranty,  Tried to charge the customer $3000.00 to change it,  A quick check found the coil was under warranty, but the kicker was there was nothing wrong with the coil,  The metering device was leaking refrigerant,  It had a loose connection that I feel as though was done deliberately.

Second story was from a sweet man in his 80’s,  His wife had cancer and He needed air now,  He had one of those people come out who he heard on the radio show who sold him a new unit for what I believe is just robbery for what they got,  Any case as we were talking he started complaining how things don’t last like they use too,  I agreed and then said something that really upset me,  These people had this man believing that a A/C system only lasts 3 years,  I said No way,  He said we have to have ours replaced every three years when it stops working,    Folks I love my profession but there are days I get just ashamed that people like this are practicing in this field.

Any case lets be safe out there and always get a second opinion or even a third.


Mark Torocco

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