Testing your Heater?

Hello to all.

Well here we are in January with mild weather, Not much use for heat or Cooling and I was thinking that maybe this is a good time to test your heater,  It s Typical in Florida to have some very cold weather in February,  So while we are living the  “Doors open” maybe it would be smart to fire up that electric heater and let it run a few minutes and see if it works, If it has a problem, Most of the time its a very simple fix, relays and contactors that stick because they havent been used all year.  Also It takes the Emergency out of the emergency call,

Some customers try to clean heaters themselves,  Electric heating coils are always electrically charged and can be dangerous,  Its not worth saving $65.00 and getting hurt so In this case let a professional take care of it.

Well thanks to reading, feel free to respond, Hope to see you soon

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