Sensible and Latten heat, And what does it have to do with all the tea in china

Lets do an experiment, Place a pot of water on the stove top and place a thermometer in the Pot,  Turn stove on to boil water and watch the thermometer rise.

You’ll notice that the temp will climb and climb until it reaches 212 deg F or 100 deg C.  But guess what happens,  for a little while the water does nothing, maybe small bubbles and the temp quits rising but the stove is running as hot as ever.  then all of the sudden water boils,  You just seen what sensible and latten heat looks like.LHvsSH.

Sensible heat is the heat you feel,  Latten heat is heat you don’t feel,  and it is more important than Sensible heat because it deals with humidity and condensing the water out of the air and drying.  When sizing an A/C system it is critical to take in account the Sensible and latten heat of the new proposed system into account.  The consequences of improper sizing could be a warm dry house or a cold damp house.

Always remember, there is no substitute for education, Training is everything.

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