R-22 Facts

A student in my class has mentioned to me that his mother has a A/C company come and service her Air conditioner and he determined that the Evaporator needed to be replaced.  Unit was 9 years old and that “Under Law” It was illegal to repair as the unit had r-22 in it.  Which is being phased out.

First and foremost, R-22 is being phased out and All New units are now charged with 410A which is environmentally safe.  But R-22 is still manufactured.  Replacement parts are still being made for units with r-22 and it is not illegal to repair such units.

We routinely repair such  units and have no problem finding parts.  R-22 is going to be available for at least 10  years but due to government action and taxes it will become more expensive.

Most refrigeration units such as those in supermarkets such as Costco and Publix Require vast amount of R-22.  In many cases 200 plus pounds per circuit and at this present time their has been no replacement suitable for the existing stores. Many times it cost less for the market to simply close and build new.

Please do not fall for this sales tactic and Always get a second opinion and I mean Always.

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