Not so Happy thanksgiving

What Holiday accounts for More A/C failures than any other, would  you believe its thanksgiving.  The Nature of refrigerant is it migrates to the coldest point,  During the summer that’s the House but in the winter, that’s outside were the compressor sits.  During thanksgiving friends and family are over and the oven is working its hardest, the Home will get warm, but its still cool outside and that is were most of the  refrigerant is headed, straight to the compressor.  When the system is turned on the compressor gets  overwhelmed, plus most of the oil is washed away and the compressor seizes up.  To prevent this we install a Heater to the compressor, some manufactures build them in other do not,  Make sure when a maintenance is done,  to check the crank case heater.  They are very inexpensive and could save a bundle.  Call us for a $65.00 maintenance

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