Hayden Harris


I met Hayden thanks to my Daughter. He approached me one evening and Asked for a job.  He had No experience in anything that we do, In fact he Cut grass for a living.  He was down on his luck and needed a hand . I hired the young man, Placed him with my senior tech to ride and help.  Next thing I know, he is buying Books with his money and  learning at an amazing rate.  The only transportation  he had was a Motorcycle, and If it rained or not he would drive that thing from Cape Coral to my office every morning, so We gave him a service van, and Signed him up for the Apprenticeship Academy. Were he has the highest score in his class.  He is now installing and repairing Ice Machine and Walk in refrigeration units plus numerous Central Air Condition units.  I’m very proud of this young man, and he is only in his first year of school.

Its important that we change lives and help people.  My company’s creed is about making lives better,  and even though we are a small company, We can still make a big Difference.




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