The History of Staying Cool

Imagining life without air conditioning is nearly impossible. Since its’ invention in 1902, conditioners have become a standard feature in buildings all over the world. Air conditioning has allowed people to settle in harsh climates and increased productivity exponentially. Digital technologies would be impossible without AC cooling the enormous amount of heat computers give off. Conditioners have evolved over the past hundred years and engineers continue working to refine their efficiency and decrease their environmental harm. A recent article by offers a brief history of air conditioners thanks to the publication archives of the Building Technology Heritage Library.

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Smart Windows Reduce Energy Consumption

Due to the heat transferring properties of windows, efforts to improve energy efficiency have been ongoing. Over the past decades, many of these efforts proved successful. For example, it is reported that the Empire State Building in New York saved $2.4 million after installing smart windows.

As building codes tighten across the country, energy-efficient windows become more of a requirement than an extra. Smart consumers understand the benefits, including a more comfortable living space and long-term cost savings. They want – even expect – every energy savings measure to be taken. According to the US Department of Energy, buildings account for more than 40% of the energy consumption.

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How Air Conditioning Shaped Architecture

Technical advancements have always guided architectural trends. Some advances have been more significant than others, and few of them have had quite as much of an impact as air conditioning. That may seem surprising, but it actually addresses several of the most important concerns that architects have when they work on large projects.

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7 Effective Ways to Make Your AC Work Efficiently


When temperatures get hot, air conditioning offers a convenient, efficient means to get cool quickly. A window air conditioner provides exactly that for a room in your home; possibly two. It is one of those things we cannot live without which is why proper maintenance of your AC is very important. By doing so, your air-conditioner will reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and prevent costly repairs and downtime. Here are seven effective ways to make your AC work efficiently and even look a little better when you are using them.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Innovation

Whether you are in charge of an entire franchise, office blocks or department store, commercial air conditioning is probably one of the aspects you would not want to let you down. You know people are relying on you for their continued state of peace and tranquility. Getting the right commercial AC is quite the process and there are many considerations to be made including; budget, local climate, and energy needs.

Some Common Types of Commercial A/C

Commercial air conditioning systems come in many different configurations, but here are a few of the categories:

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Google Air Conditioners?

Google has filed a patent for developing new bladeless air conditioners. The proposed air conditioning design allows you to see straight through it. The idea is about delivering a fanless air conditioner that does not produce noise and is not obtrusive.

The formal application was made a few days ago, and everyone is now looking forward to the outcome. What is clearly brought out in the patent is the need to do away with the traditional air conditioners. Traditional air coolers have flaws like blocking much of a window, noise production, and allowing warm air to flow back into the house. The solution, according to Google, is to have transparent air conditioners that cool homes with minimal noise production and power consumption.

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Bella and Louie tip of the Day, Driers

Even though they don’t look or taste like a bone, It is just as important to my comfort and for my K-9 companions as well as our Human Counterparts. Lets explore what a Drier does and why its important

A liquid line drier is installed during the installation of a New unit,  It should be replaced every time someone opens up the Refrigerant circuit,  For the most part, they remain in the refrigerant circuit for the life of the A/C, Its purpose is to clean and remove moisture and small particles that remain in the circuit during installation.  As refrigerant passes through the filter Drier it catches the moisture and particles and holds on too them.  Its a fairly simple and inexpensive device.

There is one problem with Liquid line driers,  Rust.  Driers are made out of steel and in  most cases are installed outside,  Years of rain and being sprayed on by Lawn sprinklers takes it toll.  Sometime the rust can get so bad that all of the refrigerant in the system will leak out and the system will fail, Its one thing to replace a Drier that is rusted out but not leaking, But once all the refrigerant is gone,  Well factor in the cost of refrigerant and it a hole new ball game,  Repair went from hundreds of dollars to a thousand.

There are ways to protect the drier that a homeowner can do,  Spray on grease will inhibit rust,  spray painting the surface every now and then also will help. Most products can picked up at Local Hardware store,  I expect my techs to treat the drier and if its rusted really bad, Bring it to the customers attention as it is possible to save the refrigerant and replace the drier.

Hope this helps and remember were here to help you save a few biscuits

Thanks and give us a call




Trade shows



This past weekend I did two trade shows,    They take a lot of time away from the weekend but its a labor of love. I love to teach and educate and One of the benefits is I get to meet new people and talk about the experiences, They always turn into clients, But the sad part I also hear horror stories of what other contractors are doing out there.

First story was from a gentleman who was being coned into reo[placing and evaporator coil in his home,  The installing contractors technician claimed it was not under warranty,  Tried to charge the customer $3000.00 to change it,  A quick check found the coil was under warranty, but the kicker was there was nothing wrong with the coil,  The metering device was leaking refrigerant,  It had a loose connection that I feel as though was done deliberately.

Second story was from a sweet man in his 80’s,  His wife had cancer and He needed air now,  He had one of those people come out who he heard on the radio show who sold him a new unit for what I believe is just robbery for what they got,  Any case as we were talking he started complaining how things don’t last like they use too,  I agreed and then said something that really upset me,  These people had this man believing that a A/C system only lasts 3 years,  I said No way,  He said we have to have ours replaced every three years when it stops working,    Folks I love my profession but there are days I get just ashamed that people like this are practicing in this field.

Any case lets be safe out there and always get a second opinion or even a third.


Mark Torocco

3 Benefits of Switching to a Smart Thermostat

If you are looking for an easy way to save money on your energy bills, upgrading your home’s thermostat can help. There are many new thermostats on the market that can intelligently manage your heating and air conditioning. These smart thermostats can connect to your WiFi network, which means you can conveniently change their settings with your phone and computer.

Here are 3 reasons you should consider switching to a smart thermostat today:

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